Huts on the Walker’s Haute Route

First-hand insights about the huts of the Walker’s Haute Route — what should you expect, along with useful tips and some great pics of the huts.
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Blog Published February 16, 2024
Edited April 5, 2024

While the Walker’s Haute Route is mostly known for its stunning trails, the huts are undoubtedly a highlight, offering a blend of rustic charm and awe-inspiring views.

In this blog, I’ll share insights and stories from my journey there, focusing on the distinct character of these Alpine huts.

Cabane du Mont Fort panorama
The panoramic nature of the huts on the Walker’s Haute Route

Let me begin with a few words about the general experience of the huts. Starting with …

The Arrival

Reaching a hut after a day’s hike is a moment filled with emotions. There’s a sense of relief and awe, especially when greeted by the incredible views at high elevations.

A moment ago, you were toiling up a trail to the mountain — and now, you are there, ready to relax and enjoy the views.

Huts usually have spaces in the corridor to leave your shoes, and a big selection of slippers (Crox or other) to choose from. This is essential to not forget to do, so as not to make the huts’ leisure and dining spaces dirty.

slippers and shoes at swiss huts
The order and chaos at the Swiss huts

Communal Living

The huts offer a communal experience unlike any hotel or apartment. Booking a bed here means sharing a space with other hikers, often in dormitories.

Mostly these are bunk beds, but sometimes it’s a bunch of beds right next to each other, where you are not sleeping far away from a fellow hiker. Yes, some huts also have private rooms, but those are limited, and thus more expensive and booked up sooner.

Either way, if you’re at least a little bit of an adventurer, you’ll like the sense of camaraderie that this setup gives you.

Dining: A Social Affair

Mealtime at these huts is more than just eating; it’s a social event. At one of the evening hours, the dining room suddenly fills up, and the dinner begins. With everyone seated together at big tables, it’s a time to share stories and bond over a hearty meal.

If you previously hiked in the Alps, you might be used to ordering your dinner separately, but not in Switzerland. Here, there is a set time where everybody who booked has dinner. This usually has a few options (vegetarian, meat, etc.), but you can’t choose things “a la carte” at that time.

At first, it might be a nuisance, but later, you’ll learn to like it, especially for the social aspect. There is always someone new you can meet.

The panoramic dining room of the Cabane de Moiry
The panoramic dining room of the Cabane de Moiry

Leisure and Connectivity

Before and after dinner, the dining area is a leisure space where hikers can unwind. With a selection of books and board games, it’s a perfect spot for relaxation and socializing. While Wi-Fi is sometimes available, its unreliability encourages guests to connect with each other and their surroundings.

Practical Amenities

Not all huts have showers, but all are equipped with basic bathroom facilities. There, everyone can brush teeth and prepare for a good night’s sleep.

Electricity is usually accessible in common areas for charging devices. Still, it’s advisable to bring a power bank as a backup, considering the limited availability of sockets.

Pricing and Payment

When planning your stay in these huts, remember that they’re quite popular, so booking in advance is a must. Prices usually fall between 60 to 100 Swiss francs per person per night, and this includes your evening meal and breakfast. It’s part of what makes the experience so convenient and enjoyable.

For the booking, you’ll typically pay a deposit first. The rest is usually paid in cash directly at the hut. Why cash, you might wonder? It’s simply because the internet up in the mountains can be hit or miss, making card payments unreliable.

So, I always make sure to have enough Swiss francs on hand. It’s one of those small things that remind you you’re in the midst of nature, where simplicity rules.

Cabane du Mont Fort

Perched above the Verbier ski resort, Cabane du Mont Fort is the first high-mountain hut on the Walker’s Haute Route. Known for its expansive views, especially of the Grand Combin range, it offers a spectacular panorama that encapsulates the majesty of the Mont Blanc massif as well.

The hut’s unique location provides a blend of natural beauty with hints of the ski resort’s influence, creating an intriguing landscape.

The hut is reached around days 4 or 5 of the Walker’s Haute Route. After a long climb from Les Chables or a trek from Verbier. It serves as an ideal stopover, with Cabane de Louvie and Cabane de Prafleuri being the next accessible huts for a relaxed journey.

While I didn’t personally stay at Cabane du Mont Fort (as it was closed for renovation), it is renowned for its high mountain restaurant and sunny terrace, offering a perfect spot for relaxation.

Compared to some others, the hut is also equipped with hot showers, providing comfort after a long hiking day. Its cozy, traditional alpine atmosphere is a significant draw for visitors.

The interesting windows on the Cabane du Mont Fort
CAS stands for the Swiss Alpine Club
Stay in scenic mountain huts
The hut and the Mont Blanc massif in the background

Cabane de Prafleuri

With its elevation of 2,657 meters, the Cabane de Prafleuri is a welcoming sight after traversing the high mountain passes from Cabane du Mont Fort.

The hut uniquely blends the natural alpine environment with historical elements, such as remnants of a gravel pit used for the construction of the nearby Grande Dixence dam. Its position right on the trail, after a stretch of wilderness and mountains, makes it a no-brainer choice for staying on the Walker’s Haute Route.

The hut offers basic amenities like every hut, including a lively dining area and accommodations for up to 59 guests across various dormitory rooms. While the food might be simple, it’s a part of the overall mountain hut experience, emphasizing the communal and social aspects of hut life.

On my evening there, the hut got an unexpected visit from a group of majestic ibexes, a highlight for many guests. This encounter with nature, right at the doorstep of the hut, exemplifies the unique experiences that await at Cabane de Prafleuri.

the safe haven between the rocks
Cabane de Prafleuri – A safe haven between the rocks
cabane de prafleuri at night
Cabane de Prafleuri at night
chamois statue at cabane de prafleuri
Chamois statue at dawn

Cabane de Moiry

Perched next to the epic Moiry Glacier, Cabane de Moiry stands out for its remarkable dining room, adorned with large panoramic windows that frame this breathtaking alpine scenery.

The hut is not directly on the trail, requiring a slight detour, but this extra effort is rewarded with its proximity to the glacier and moraine. The trek to Cabane de Moiry adds about 45 minutes to your stage, but the scenic beauty and unique setting make it a worthwhile addition to the route.

Cabane de Moiry offers basic yet cozy amenities. The hut even has 2 showers, but they cost 6 CHF for 3 minutes of water. While the food might not rival the culinary delights found in France, it provides a comforting and satisfying experience in the heart of the mountains. 

All in all, this hut is a must-visit on the Walker’s Haute Route.

Cabane de Moiry mountain hut
Cabane de Moiry mountain hut is one of the highlights of the route
Moiry glacier at dawn
Because of this amazing view of the Moiry Glacier
Just below Cabane du Moiry
Just below the hut


Europahütte, perched above the Mattertal valley, the last accommodations on the Walker’s Haute Route. Its unique position below the big Swiss peaks offers hikers an extraordinary alpine experience.

The hut is known for its cozy ambiance, featuring bunk beds, good food, and drinks. While the sun is up, you should definitely enjoy it on their terrace, with an excellent view of the Weisshorn.

The hut is a key convergence point for those trekking the route, particularly on the final night, making it a hub of mountaineering culture and camaraderie. It stands out for its social environment, where hikers and alpinists meet, sharing stories and experiences.

This blend creates an enriching atmosphere, making Europahütte not just a place to rest, but a place to connect and share the joys of mountain adventures.

Europahutte, tucked on the side of Mattertal
Europahutte, tucked on the side of Mattertal
Evening view of Weisshorn
Evening view of Weisshorn

Booking the Huts: Timing and Tips

When planning your Walker’s Haute Route adventure, securing your hut accommodations is a critical step and one that requires early action. Ideally, start booking your huts at the beginning of the year you plan to hike, or even earlier.

The popular summer months, particularly July and August, see these huts fill up quickly, making last-minute bookings nearly impossible.

Navigating the booking process can be challenging due to the variety of booking systems used by different huts.

Some are privately owned, while others are managed by the Swiss Alpine Association, each with its own reservation method. This variety, ranging from email confirmations to online booking platforms, can make organizing your trip complex and time-consuming.

Our company offers a streamlined solution to this challenge.

As specialists in providing hut-to-hut hiking tours in Switzerland, including the Walker’s Haute Route, we simplify the process for you. While booking through us doesn’t negate the need for early reservations, our relationships with the huts can sometimes offer additional availability.

So, if you’re planning to tackle this spectacular trail, consider letting us handle the logistics. You can focus on the hike, while we ensure the logistics are all set, even in the most popular huts.

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Don’t wait too long to plan your journey. Book early, and let us help you experience the Haute Route at its best.

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